Fancy Cat Wish List

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The holiday season is an occasion to pamper our cats! If you haven’t visited our exclusive holiday gift guide on Feastivities, we’ve handpicked 7 designers to create unique Fancy Feast inspired gifts for cat lovers and cats everywhere. Visit it here:

In case you’re still searching for inspiration on what to gift your cat, here is a Fancy Cat Wish List. Included are a number of must-have items to ensure your cat is purring with joy.

1. Cat Delivery Holiday Card – Etsy
No gift is complete without a greeting card. While your cat may not fully appreciate its message, the card can be repurposed as part of a holiday display.

2. Pet Food Can Covers – Amazon
If your cat can’t finish a full can of food, these pet food covers are a safe and easy way to store the can for tomorrow’s feast. The cat paw shape is a fun detail that the cat lover can also appreciate!

3. Red Cat Bow Tie – Etsy
You and your cat can match during your holiday festivities. Raid your wardrobe for that festive red dress, and attach this bright red bow tie to your cat’s favorite collar.

4. Cat shaped Carpet – Etsy
This cat inspired carpet will soon become your cat’s favorite spot in the house. (The pop of color and shaggy texture would also look lovely next to your coffee table!)

5. Felt Roller Cat Toys – Etsy
Good things come in sets of three. These handmade felt roller cat toys will keep your cat active and happy.

6. Gravy Lovers Beef Feast Entrée – Fancy Feast
Delight your cat with the delectable taste of Gravy Lovers. While you enjoy your sumptuous meals for the holidays, make share your cat receives a feast as well.

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  1. Kelly

    December 12, 2013 at 8:05 pm

    We include our cat in the celebrations of Christmas by giving him a feast of wet cat food and by buying him some presents. My sister always buys him presents when we get together for the holidays too. He’s part of the family we have to include him!

    • Fancy Feast

      December 12, 2013 at 8:28 pm

      That’s very sweet – we also like to think our cats as part of the family. Glad to hear that Fancy Feast will be part of the gift giving!


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