Feline-inspired: The tops!

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Now that the sun has decided to come out, we’ve been inspired to start updating our wardrobe with lighter, spring-appropriate fashion.  Starting at the tops, we’ve found a bunch of adorable prints to suit anyone’s style. For the traditional: a simple tee that looks great layered with a bright cardigan or on its own with a pair of jeans. For those with a bit of an edge, a cat-patterned crop top that’s purrrfect for a night out.

Is this the cat-fashion you’re looking for? Check out our Pinterest board for more must-have pieces, and let us know if you’re planning on stepping out this spring in feline-style.

Outfit details:
Simple Cat Tee – Forever 21
Cat-Patterned Crop Top – Urban Outfitters (Alternative)

DIY: Cat-centric Coasters

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Raise a toast to your favorite feline, then rest your glass on a DIY customized cat coaster!

Supplies You’ll Need:

  • Cork board sheet or small cork roll
  • X-Acto knife
  • Pint glass, small bowl or coffee cup with large mouth (to trace as coaster)
  • Materials for decorating: paint pens, patterned papers, glue, acrylic paints, painter’s tape, anything goes!

To create the cork coaster base, unroll the cork material and lay it on a flat surface. Grab whatever you are using to create the coaster shape and flip it upside down on top of the cork. Use the fine-tip pen to trace around its edge with the pen. Leaving enough room between shapes, repeat until you have the number of coasters you want, and then cut them out with your X–Acto knife.

Once you have your coasters, it’s time to decorate! Naturally, we gave our coasters the feline theme, but don’t be afraid to experiment with yours. Once your coasters are dry, you may want to add a layer of modge-podge to seal it.

And there you go, custom coasters!

Think you’ll be creating these coasters at home? Drop us a line on Facebook or Twitter and let us know your progress.  For more Fancy Feast approved DIYs, follow our board on Pinterest. Happy crafting!

Pet Portraiture

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We found Maine artist Betsy McLellan on Etsy, and were totally inspired by her quirky style and unique perspectives. We especially love her pet portraits, which really capture the personality of our furry friends. But perhaps it was the portrait of the Persian cat that really caught our eye: remind you of a certain someone?

Do you have any favorite artists who claim cats as their muse? Let us know in the comments! And for more fancy inspiration, check out our Pinterest.

Feature Item: Meow Loafers

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Are you on the hunt for another pair of cute flats before the spring season? We have you covered! Visit Delias for these “Meow Loafers” available in five bold colors. To cater to your fashion preference, they’re available in suede or glittered, so why not pick up a pair (or two) now? It’s never too early to start planning your warm weather cat fashion.

Gotta get these flats? Let us know in the comments and visit our Pinterest page for more cat inspired fashion finds.

Throw Pillow: An Origami Inspiration and Impromptu Nap Spot

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If you’re looking for an accent piece that will do more than just “pull together” a room, be sure to get your hands on this Cat Origami Throw Pillow on Society6. Needless to say, it’s playful design and colors will add a subtle pop of playfulness to your couch. But what’s more:  your guests can be inspired to learn a new skill when they visit!

For more incredible cat design, visit our Pinterest page or join the community chatter over on Facebook.

DIY: Colorful Cat Quilt

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We love a good quilt to keep us warm during chilly winter nights! We previously featured a cat quilt with a black and white color scheme. Today we want to highlight a more colorful cat-inspired quilt by Leigh Laurel’s blog. The bright pops of color are sure to put you and your cat in the mood for springtime. Visit her blog to learn how to quilt along!

Are you ready to take on this cat quilt? Share your creation on our Facebook and Twitter pages, or visit our Pinterest page for more cat inspired DIY tutorials.

Etsy Feature: Cat Tote Bag

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A girl cannot have enough tote bags – especially if they’re adorned with cat prints. We’ve been a fan of Leah Goren’s cat-inspired Etsy items for a while now, but we especially love how chic and practical this Picasso Cat Tote is. Not only is it versatile enough to wield groceries or to bring along to work, the tote is also a statement piece that flaunts your love for all things cat.

Planning on adding a bag like this to your collection? Tell us in the comments below! And visit our Pinterest page for more cat inspired finds.

Catification Inspiration: Interior Design

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There’s no doubt that if you own a cat or two, they’ll have some input on the look of your home. And while a simple cat shelf or cat teepees may be enough to showcase your love for your feline, we found inspiration that takes it to another level. Literally!

We found a home on Houzz filled with whimsical platforms and alcoves that are sure to be a favorite of felines everywhere. The intricate habitat makes for a unique home that truly incorporates a fondness for cat cohabitation as well as good interior design. And for those who can’t redesign their house but still want a beautifully designed sanctuary for their cat, there is this 4-story cathouse from Catissa. It makes for a perfect haven for cats that want to relax in their own space, while adding to your home’s chic sense of style.

We’ve just shared two ways to spice up your space through cat inspiration – but we know there’s more out there. Tell us how you incorporate your cat into your home design on our Facebook and Twitter or visit our Pinterest page for more cat-inspired style.

DIY: Gold-flecked Cat Paperweight

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Many of us spend a lot of time at our desks – whether it’s at work, for our studies, or to just browse the Internet. Let’s fancy up the routine with this dainty gold-flecked cat paperweight! It’s a constant reminder of the cats in our lives, and how much they mean to us even when we are busy with our lives. Also, let’s face it – it’s the very pop of color that will make our space more chic!


Here’s the DIY tutorial for creating your own dainty gold-flecked cat paperweight.

Materials Needed:

  • Fimo clay
  • Cat-shaped cookie cutter
  • Gold leaf
  • Modge Podge
  • Paint Brush


  1. Press your cat-shaped cookie cutter into the fimo clay. Lift and push your shape out of the cutter. You can now place on a tray and let it sit overnight, or put in the oven to harden quicker.
  2. Once dried, brush the figurine with modge podge. Before it dries, gently place gold leaf on top of it with a dry finger. Depending on your final look, you can cover the entire cat or leave white space as desired.
  3. You’re done! Display your artwork on your desk or workspace.

Is this DIY tutorial right up your alley? Show us your results on our Facebook page, and follow us on Pinterest for even more feline-inspired crafts!

Fancy This With That: Upcycled Food Mat Paired with a Favorite Dish

With a feast this delicious, your cat will be sure to say “thank you” with a clean bowl. To keep every meal neat, we found that pairing a food mat with your cat’s favorite dish would do the trick! We love the idea behind these unique upcycled food mats from Better Buddies. Not only are the mats eco-friendly, but the cutout design provides a subtle but lovely detail to your cat’s accessories. Place your cat’s favorite bowl on top of it, and she is more than ready to devour her next feast!

 Would you pair these two cat accessories together? Tell us in the comments below! Don’t forget to visit our Facebook and Pinterest pages for more cat-inspired content to inspire your day-to-day.